Spot rate

It is the current dollar amount paid per mile ($/mi) for transporting goods on the for-hire market. Rates vary depending on the type of trailer, origin, and destination of the loads. Look at our interactive map below to find the most up-to-date rates on the market.

National Spot Rate Trends Overview

Gain insights into the direction of freight rates using the most accurate and extensive data available in the trucking sector.


Current value and weekly variation

Current value and monthly variation

Spot Rate Insights

Our market rates are the product of the analysis of millions of contracts and offers between brokers and shippers, advanced statistical models, and machine learning algorithms. Our information is updated daily to provide unmatchable precision. Choose a trailer type below to view its corresponding rate information.

Regional Spot Rate

Rates vary significantly depending on the origin and destination of the loads. A simple national average is imprecise in determining the convenience of transporting freight in a specific region. Hover over a specific region to reveal the weekly average rates of the lanes connecting the chosen region with any other region in the US. Also, find out the rates of moving lanes into the chosen region.


West Region


South West Region


Mid West Region


North East Region


South East Region

National Spot Rate

The line plot below illustrates the monthly evolution of outbound reefer spot rate across US over the past year, utilizing data from efRouting.