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You no need other loadboard. With the special deal of efRouting and Truckstop, we provide you always with the right load into a single platform.

The loads you need in one place!

Empower your operation with the technology of efRouting and loads from Truckstop without paying more!

If you are a new user, you can receive:

  • Month 1: Pay only $159 for a 1-year subscription to efRouting, and enjoy your first month of Truckstop Pro for free.
  • Month 2 to 12: Continue using efRouting at no extra cost while only paying $159 per month for Truckstop.

If you are a Truckstop user, you can receive:

  • A 50% discount on your efRouting Pro License when you integrate your Truckstop loads into the efRouting Platform.

Transportation Management Group partners with efRouting to revolutionize trucking. Our collaboration offers truckers cutting-edge technology, industry expertise, and unparalleled support for success on the road.

Be the best-equipped trucker on the road!

  • Freight Factoring: We offer truck factoring rates as low as 0.65% with 100% advance rates available.
  • Fuel Cards: Designed to work with your fleet, giving you discounts at majors and independents
  • Same Day Funding: We offer same day funding on all factoring accounts at no extra charge.
  • No Contracts: 30 day contracts are offered, giving you the flexibility you desire for your factoring needs.