Make more profit per mile.

Optimizing operations and finding the best deals in the trucking industry.

The best way to run a

profitable trucking operation.

Using cutting-edge technology, we analyze millions of loads and factors impacting the trucking industry, to produce powerful information that help Owner Operators, Carriers and Dispatchers to:

  • Increase profits by up to 40%.

  • Reduce deadhead miles by up to 50%.

  • Avoid getting stuck in places with a low probability of finding good loads.

Deal Finder

Deal Finder

Everything you need in one place.

efRouting is the only platform capable of simplifying the complex decision of where to haul to just choosing the lanes/routes that match your preferences.

Decide where to go in minutes.

With just a few clicks, you can quickly view a list of complete routes/lanes and choose the one that best suits your preferences.

Haul always the best lanes.

Discover the best lanes available at any place and time. Select loads that offer good pay, are easy to book, and help you position strategically to find the next load.

No other load board needed.

We integrate the loads from our partner Truckstop and multiple brokers to provide you always with the right load into a single platform.


Maximize profitability trying complete routes.

We integrate multiple loads into one efficient and complete route plan so you can predict your destinations, earnings, and return dates.

Flexible dispatch.

Connect with our partners dispatchers to book the loads on your chosen route or lane. No rush, no forced dispatch, just when you want it.

Better decisions based on accurate information.

We gather daily data about transactions that happened. We transform data into actionable information to make better operative decisions and negotiate better rates.

Take your operations to the next level.

We have helped our community of Owner Operators, Small Carriers and Dispatchers increase their profits to be at the top of the market.



  • Find the best lanes and routes in the market that fit your preferences.
  • Drive where you want and no more than you want.
  • Choose your lanes/routes and book loads by yourself or we can book them for you.

Small Carriers:

  • Design a profitable route plan for your drivers.
  • If you have a dispatcher already or contracted lanes, we can complement your routes with loads from the spot market. We charge you only for the loads we book for you.


  • Increase your income by up to 40% by finding the best opportunities in the market.
  • Dispatch more trucks in less time.
  • Increase driver retention by allowing drivers more time at home without driving more than they want.